Other Insurance Services in Coral Springs, Florida

Recreational and Sports Vehicles

Whether you are on the water or riding through sand dunes, we want to make sure that you and your vehicle are protected from damage and injury. We offer insurance for your boats, off-road vehicles and jet skis to help you get the protection you need.

Boat Insurance

Our boat insurance policies cover recreational boats including sailboats, pontoon boats, ski boats and more. Your policy can include coverage for equipment attached to your boat such as anchors, oars, seat cushions, motors and more. Your boat insurance can insure you against sinking, fire, storms, theft, explosion and more.

Ask one of our insurance agents about the coverage you need and if your trailers and other property will be included in your coverage. We are dedicated to getting you the coverage you need.

Jet Ski Insurance

Jet-skiing is an exhilarating summer sport, and we want to make sure you can enjoy every second of your time on the water. Our Jet Ski insurance can keep you stress-free by covering you and your Jet Ski against accidents, damage and injury to you or other skiers using your vehicle.