Home Insurance in Coral Springs, FL

Protecting Your Home

For many of us, purchasing a house is the most significant investment you will make. You can protect your investment with a comprehensive insurance plan, ensuring that your home and family can weather whatever unexpected events life has in store. When disaster strikes, a homeowners insurance plan can make sure you land on your feet and get things back in order for you and your family.

Coverage Options

Our homeowners insurance covers damage from storms, fire, hail and other weather events, as well as damage and loss from theft and vandalism. With homeowners insurance from Steven Marcus Insurance Agency, you’ll have a policy that helps cover the cost of rebuilding part or all of your home, depending on your policy. Our policy options even help you pay for hotel costs while repairs are happening.

Condo Insurance

Just like a house, we know that a condo is an important investment for you. That’s why we offer condo insurance to help protect your condo from fire, rain, hail, theft and more. Our condo insurance plans cover common costs when a misfortune occurs.
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Let Our Agents Assist You

You can trust our highly experienced agents to help you find the best homeowners and condo insurance policies for you. We are dedicated to making sure that you are prepared for any unfortunate event and will help you get the coverage you need. Contact us today for a quote for your home insurance.