Business Insurance in Coral Springs, Florida

Protect Your Business

All businesses, regardless of their size, should have proper insurance coverage in case of an unexpected loss or accident. Just consider the ramifications of a customer being injured on your premises due to the negligence of one of your employees.

Commercial insurance can help protect your company from unexpected accidents like this with liability and office coverage. And at Steven Marcus Insurance Agency, we have a variety of insurance options to suit your specific business needs.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance protects your business’ building, inventory, assets, fence and landscaping, furniture and equipment, as well as your outdoor signage. Our plans can cover loss from fires, theft, vandalism and damage from vehicles or airplanes.

Business and Office Insurance

Business and office insurance helps to protect your business by giving you property and liability coverage so, no matter what happens, you can trust that your assets and business are protected.

Commercial Liability

Commercial Property — Insurance Agency in Coral Spring, FL
If a customer is injured by tripping over a loose board in your store, you may be responsible for their medical costs. With commercial liability insurance, you can protect your business from the financial loss associated with that responsibility. Commercial liability insurance covers property damage or personal injury caused by your employees, services or other operations.

Equipment Floater

If you are a contractor or if you have equipment that is easily and commonly moved from one job site to another, equipment floater insurance is perfect for you. This type of insurance protects mobile equipment and covers losses from fire, flood, equipment breakdowns and vandalism.

Commercial Umbrella

Commercial umbrella insurance is a great supplement to commercial liability insurance and can help cover liability expenses when you reach your liability coverage limits. With commercial umbrella insurance, you can be prepared for large, unexpected liability costs.

Contractor Liability

In the construction business, contractors often work on customer property to install or provide the services their customers need. During work, accidents can happen, and contractor liability insurance will protect your business from costs associated with injuries and even property damage.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Whether you are transporting products or passengers for a fee, using a car to provide a service or employees operating a vehicle, you will most likely require a commercial auto insurance policy. Our commercial auto policies include coverage for injury liability, medical payments, property damage liability, collision, uninsured motorists, comprehensive physical damage and more.

Condo Association

Condo association coverage protects your condos from damage and more. Our policies include liability coverage and building coverage so that you can be sure that your property and the residents there are protected against unexpected accidents and events.

Apartment Buildings

Our insurance policies for apartment buildings allow you to choose the coverage you need. We offer apartment building coverage for liability, property, commercial liability and more to ensure that your apartment complex and your residents will be sheltered from unexpected financial loss.

Let Your Business Thrive

With good insurance coverage for your business or commercial property, you can rest easy and focus on helping your business succeed. Let the experts at Steve Marcus Insurance Agency help you choose the best insurance policies for your business. Call our friendly experts now for a free quote.